Approval allows ASCO Group to retain operations on Crown Land

Crown Land, land which is under management or ownership of the Government makes up more than 90% of Western Australia’s land mass. Nearly 40% is Unallocated Crown Land. Some of it is capable for use. For example, a pastoral lease, however, usage is restricted, meaning an extra layer of land use control exists on top of a robust State Planning and Land Use Framework applying across Western Australia.

In regional Western Australia, in our view, the extent of Crown Land within townsites and out into rural and remote areas is one of the most significant issues affecting population and business growth.

Our team regularly helps proponents engage with and manage Crown Land matters which could materially affect the sustainability of their operations. We are currently assisting ASCO Group to negotiate reasonable terms from a Crown Lease to more suitable land (for both parties) in the Pilbara Port Authority boundaries. The first step was securing the City of Karratha ongoing support for their operations, obtained at the City’s recent Council Meeting.

(Images: ASCO)