Our Projects

Retrospective Local Government Approvals




Many projects and/or developments in regional WA occur in remote areas, where businesses perhaps don’t realise what approvals are required for the respective development.

Similarly, due to time restrictions, especially for major projects, developments may proceed in advance of approvals being secured.

We are often engaged to assist clients manage the retrospective approvals process for projects where compliance matters were raised, or compliance action has commenced. This includes managing all local government approvals (planning, building and health).

We will make it our focus to work with clients to minimise the risk of rectification action through the compliance process, whilst managing expectations around the timing of the approvals process, rectification or relocation works.


Our Involvement

  • Client representation

  • Procurement of consultant team

  • Drafting and Design

  • Engineering

  • Building Surveying

  • Waste Management/ Plumbing

  • Coordination of Design Development

  • Development Application and Lodgement

  • Stakeholder Engagement and Advocacy

  • Submissions and Deputations

  • Rectification Management