Woodside Camp Project Goes Back to Council

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The City of Karratha will consider a request from Woodside to amend the Bay Village Camp approval at its 19/11/2018 Council Meeting -

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The application seeks to extend the approval from 10 to 15 years and reduce total rooms from 700 to 604.

Consultants for Woodside outlined in the application letter “… time-frame of 10-years does not provide … certainty required to secure financial funding for the project”. The letter doesn’t reference any risk associated to future major growth projects like Browse.

Woodside representatives outlined at the 9 October Joint Development Assessment Panel meeting, where the application was originally determined that it will immediately sub-lease the Bay Village site to DIF Management Australia Pty Ltd, the original company who proposed to lease the site from the State . It’s company’s Directors include Michel Steenbergen who is also the Managing Director of DIF ( a leading independent fund management company.

Woodside has also lodged an appeal with the State Administrative Tribunal seeking to extend the approval to 30-years and remove any restrictions about who may occupy the facility.

City Officers have recommended supporting the revised proposal and it has been implied in the report that Woodside would then withdraw the appeal, despite nothing being attached from Woodside confirming this to be the case.

The resources sector remains the economic lifeblood of the Pilbara region. A secure future for the region also requires a growing permanent residential community and small business sector.

We’ll be at the Meeting this Monday evening and look forward to seeing the outcome.
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Alicia Shorey