Our mission is to provide an invaluable resource to regional communities in order to help drive and deliver improvement, progress and economic development. 


Local knowledge

Knowing the specifics of local conditions and the unique challenges involved, gives us a leg-up over our competitors. 


Opportunities & Contribution

The current contribution and opportunities afforded by regional Western Australia are largely underestimated by people in Metropolitan areas. At RFF we endeavour to demonstrate, showcase and celebrate the economic development and successes of the regions and to work towards their prosperity. 


Intelligent Risk

Progress requires risk. You can be assured that we will put our own skills and reputation on the line in order to maximise accountability, garner support, make difficult decisions, and secure approvals and funding.



Problem-solving through brainstorming is of the highest importance across industries. Getting alternative and diverse views onto the whiteboard, always leads to better outcomes.


No single individual has all the answers. In order to ensure economic development and progress, collaboration and teamwork is essential. We are committed to working closely with all stakeholders for the mutual benefit of all involved.


Healthy Discussion

Rules and regulations must add value to people’s lives and the betterment of society as a whole. Rules that exist for the sake of ‘process’ rather than ‘progress’ should be confronted with strong voices and well-developed counter arguments. Healthy debate should be welcomed, and all voices valued and respected. Understanding, not animosity is our preferred outcome for all discussions.



We value relationships and see them as being crucial to economic development. Our best relationships are formed with those who share a mutual passion for progress in the regions.



Regional communities have much to offer and a lifestyle that can’t be matched. Close-knit communities, exceptional scenery, great weather and honest straight-talking neighbours make regional WA unlike anywhere else in the world. We’re proud to call this vast red land home.